Does Your Car Key Need to be Reprogrammed?

Contact us for car locksmithing and car key reprogramming in the Citrus Heights & Roseville, CA area

If you're car key has been damaged or gotten lost, reach out to us. Unlimited Locksmith offers car key reprogramming and key replacement services in the Citrus Heights & Roseville, CA area. We can even work with high-security car keys to keep your vehicle from being tampered with.

Our capable locksmith can work with any key for any vehicle, no matter the make or model. Speak with our car locksmith about your key programming needs by contacting us today.

Connect with an emergency locksmith when you need one

Have you been locked out of your car? Do you need a car locksmith? We're ready to help. An emergency locksmith can replace your keys right away. You don't have to wait around for ages to get the automotive locksmith services you need.

Our car locksmith can:

  • Reprogram ignition keys and car keys
  • Replace high-security car keys
  • Repair remote keys
If you lost the key fob remote for your vehicle, don't panic. We can replace and reprogram a remote to go on your keychain. You don't have to go without the convenience of automatic locks. Get in touch with an emergency locksmith in Citrus Heights & Roseville, CA today.